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As if you needed another reason not to drink canned coffee:

It’s not as easy to destroy the Earth as you might think; evil geniuses everywhere have been trying for years. The problem lies with the fact that the Earth is pretty big (at least compared to you and me) and it takes quite a bit of energy to destroy it. There is a way however, to do it with nothing more than a coffee can.

Those among us who are not evil geniuses might prefer to know how to clean coffee stains from your carpet:

It’s essential to use the right stain-removal techniques for a type of carpet. For example, natural fibers, such as wool or grass, can react badly to liquid stain removers…

Keep that in mind if your carpet happens to be made of grass. (No… I really don’t think they mean your lawn.) And, if none of these stain-removal tips work, you can always refer back to the first article, blow up the planet, and start over.

Finally, a collection of bad advice from Good Housekeeping about choosing and using a coffee maker. My favorite (awful) tip:

Use paper filters. Though permanent, reusable ones are less expensive, they don’t do as good a job of filtering out grounds.

So wrong, in so many ways…

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