When I’m not writing, I read. Voraciously. Eclectically. And of late, I frequently read about writing.

I recently discovered John Scalzi’s books — The Android’s Dream, The Ghost Brigades, Old Man’s War — and already I’m a fan. I learn today that Scalzi has a blog, in which he rambles forth on writing and such. Happiness. I also learn today that he’s just finished a book — on writing — deliciously titled, You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffeeshop: Scalzi on Writing. And only moments later I discover that it’s a tiny, limited edition printing, and it’s already sold out… apparently only just a few minutes before I’d glommed onto the whole thing.


Er, in the off chance that *you* might have purchased two copies and need only one… drop me a line, eh?

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