blizzard07-click to viewIt’s white out there! Don’t be alarmed, that roaring in your ears is just the collective whooping and hollering of everybody in Vermont who has a stake in the ski industry… there’s two feet or more of fresh powder across the entire state, and more falling still.

While the more hyperbolic among us are already calling our current bit of snowfall The Storm of the Century — a headline that makes me wonder if Stephen King is lurking round the corner — I’m of a mind that The Valentine’s Day Blizzard is an altogether better fit. ‘Cause to be honest, while the snow’s still a blowin’ and the roads are all closed, it’s awfully pretty out there.

Meanwhile, it’s a fine time to brush up on your Vermont Quotient by reviewing the Vermont Quiz, Winter Edition. ‘Cause if you’re new to Vermont and don’t know what a plowbill is just yet, you’re gonna find out real soon now. In spades.

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