You remember, don’t you, that the coffee in your cup is 98% water, right? That thought was front and center here at Chez Cadmus on the Commons when we recently completed a minor kitchen do-over. The coffee faucet. Click to zoom.The result: the lovely coffee faucet you see pictured here. Okay, so Delta doesn’t call it a coffee faucet; but they could. You’ll note the lovely green LED that’s built in to the tap itself… yeah, it’s über geeky, and useful, too: it means that the water filter is operating at 100%. When the filter nears the end of its life that LED begins to blink, and when it’s time to replace it, the glow turns red. (Be sure to click and zoom on the photo… I’m especially proud of that shot.)

‘Course, that’s only part of the system. The rest is stashed under the sink, in the form of a compact three-stage PUR water filter cartridge. A single cartridge removes junk and sediment, filters out heavy metals and then flows water over a tiny mineral bed to add mineral content back into the water; lovely for drinking water, and perfect for coffee.

Very nice. And recommended, too.

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