• Lamborghini Espresso MachineWhat are you doing with *your* tax return refund? How about a Lamborghini? (Um… yeah, it’s an espresso machine.)

    Limited to just 1,000 examples, the handbuilt machine is a caffeine-lovers symphony in Beluga black, featuring numerous stainless-steel parts, including a front panel that carries the automaker’s iconic bull logo.

  • And from the “Better him than me” department â€â€? I’ve had more than one cup of coffee that’s ticked me off, but at least least I’ve never been arrested for it

Defence lawyer Mark Dollimore told the court the disorderly behaviour charge was laid after Hobbs suffered a case of “coffee rage” at Nelson’s Yaza Cafe.

Mr Dollimore said Hobbs considered himself a coffee connoisseur, and was adamant he was being served coffee with curdled milk.

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