More on the USDA and Organic coffee certification kerfuffle when I can get to it… meanwhile here’s a link-dump of coffee notes from all over:

  • Ever wondered what it takes to get to championship levels in Barista competition? Practice, practice, practice. (Youtube.) I really like Jen Prince’s point of view — and her humble approach to the bean — and having been on the receiving end of one of her stellar espresso macchiatos when I was last in Seattle I think she’ll go far.

    I don’t really have much of a life outside of coffee.
    — Jen Prince, Zoka Coffee

    Kindred souls, huh?

  • You might want to get in line now for a couple of new beans from Paradise Roasters. I’d love to sample (hint, wink, nudge) the Biloya Special, a small-lot Ethiopian natural process that took top dollar at the 2007 Ethiopia Limited auction, and the Kenya Auction Lot #398 Oakland Estate Gesha which has such an interesting story you should really go read all about it.
  • Finally! Some love from Kenneth Davids for Green Mountain’s classic Mocha Java Blend, long one of my faves, and a bit of a sleeper on the Green Mountain offering sheet.

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