There’s very little on TV that I consider “must see.” There are exceptions, however…

  • I’ve been enthralled of late by Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series. The photography, alone, is enough to renew your sense of wonder — even for a grump like me — and the intestinal fortitude of the filmmakers in the face of most every adversity and extreme element the planet has to offer is remarkable. See this show, and be amazed.

  • I also thoroughly recommend catching Black Gold, showing this week on PBS’ Independent Lens series. The film takes a hard, appraising look at the coffee trade and shines some bright lights into the nooks and crannies of the industry that have left some folks seeing spots, and others seeing red. It may very well change the way you look at your cup. Highly recommended.
  • Finally, Alton Brown takes on espresso on Food Network’s Good Eats. As usual, A.B. does his homework and gets it right… even if his milk texturing could use a little work. (Okay… a lot of work, but then again, there’s lots of folks working behind the espresso counter who should do so well.)

So, what’s on your Tivo?

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