So you’ve got a taste for the dark stuff and want to get the most of your crand cru bean. But a coffee press leaves you cold. Literally. What was just a few minutes ago steaming coffee in a rocket hot coffee press just isn’t so hot when it comes to pouring a second cup. And you always want seconds, right? Of course you do. Eva Cafe Solo

Consider the CafeSolo™ from Eva Solo. Part chemistry set, part little black dress (in neoprene, no less) this Danish design is a pretty sexy number. And it’s perfect for brewing darker coffees that have needs. You know the type… coffees that want to cuddle a little. Coffees that want to steep. Coffees that just won’t reveal everything they’ve got without a little extra intimacy.

Is it worth it? Hey, that’s up to you. But don’t be selfish… your coffee has needs, too.

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