• Hacienda La Esmeralda wins the SCAA cupping pavilion’s top spot, officially giving it the honor, “World’s Best Coffee.” For the third year in a row. Unprecedented.
  • Science Blogs wants to know, why is New York coffee so bad? I’d like to know, too, so I can eliminate my habit of planning my conference schedule so as to avoid NY, NY’s dismal coffee options. Yeah, I know, there’s Ninth St. Espresso and I hear good things about Grumpy. And Gillies has been roasting good stuff there since the dawn of time. (Maybe Fortune can chime in on this one!)
  • And one for the recipe file… Coffee-and-Cocoa Encrusted Sirloin. A variation on this theme has long been on my grilling menu, though I prefer a rib-eye or Kansas City Strip. Yum.
  • Finally, is a coffee-inspired brown the new black?

    “The hottest colour going are the browns — every shade of cappuccino, mocha, cafe-au-lait and milk chocolate.”

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