• This just in… Canadian coffee company Van Houtte has a buyer — and it’s not Green Mountain. (Nyah!) U.S. venture capital company Littlejohn & Co. will acquire all the outstanding shares of Van Houtte for C$25 apiece, in a deal of about C$600 million. Reports are that shareholders are not happy.
  • Green Mountain has a new top dog… Lawrence J. Blanford will assume the helm as President and CEO while Bob Stiller will retain his position as Chairman of the Board. I’m not too familiar with Larry’s background just yet… I know only that he’s the guy who — as CEO of Philips Consumer electronics USA — told Hollywood (and Congress) to stick it in their ear with regard to the awful Broadcast Flag initiative. I find that a good sign, indeed.
  • Papua New Guinea coffee farms are facing the threat of the dreaded coffee borer beetle. Known as “la broca” in Central and South America, this tiny beetle can do huge damage to coffee crops… like wiping out 50-80% of a given crop. Ouch.
  • And, in Science Daily, still more evidence that coffee is good for you! Studies have shown that moderate consumption can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, kidney stones, gallstones, depression, suicide and Parkinson’s disease. Drink up!

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