You’ve been counting the days and it’s finally here… today is World Fair Trade Day!

What? Whatd’ya mean you never heard of it? Why it’s… it’s Big! It’s HUGE! It’s on everybody’s calendar, right? No? Well… I hear it’s big in Japan.

World Fair Trade DayI guess it’s understandable you’ve never heard of it. Heck, until just a week or three ago even TransFair USA was a little confused about just where to find it on the calendar. And even today TransFair sends visitors seeking resources about World Fair Trade Day to a third-party web site that offers little more than empty pages and empty promises of world-changing stuff to come.

Really, now… that’s just embarrassing.

Despite the apparent cone of silence surrounding the day, there are about 50 events in honor of World Fair Trade Day in the US and Canada… perhaps you can find one near you. (Yo, Vermonters, there’s an event at the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market if you’re so inclined.)

Oh! And while on the subject of upcoming events, don’t forget that Sunday is Mother’s Day. I bet *that* one’s on your calendar!

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