• Where’s the next battleground for coffee supremacy? Place your bets on India

    Today, there are about 750 cafés across India, two-thirds of which are owned and operated by Café Coffee Day, a company that plans to have 1,400 cafés across India in five years’ time, as well as 10 in Pakistan and 10 in Austria.

    “I expect this market to grow 40 per cent annually for the next three years,” says Jagdeep Kapoor, director of Samsika Marketing Consultancies. “That is going to be huge.”

    Of course, Starbucks is looking to enter the fray, and is reported to be scoping out New Delhi and Mumbai.

  • I started drinking coffee regularly when I was 14, though it would be several years on that I discovered good coffee (and I haven’t looked back.) Too young for coffee?While we know that coffee doesn’t really stunt your growth (it certainly had no effect on mine,) is there such a thing as being too young to drink coffee?

    Like many people, Nicole Rivera uses coffee to survive a long day of hard work.

    One cup in the morning, and sometimes a second at lunch for a little pick-me-up. Another cup in the afternoon to avoid a late-day slump. A final mug around 7 p.m. to help her finish the work she’s brought home.

    “Without coffee, I’m dead to the world,” she says.

    Rivera may sound like a veteran of the corporate world, but she just finished ninth grade.

  • It’s a Jewish thing… Here’s one I haven’t heard before… kaffei hafukh, or “upside-down coffee.”

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