Everybody loves a parade, and in Vermont, Independence Day is so loved that towns coordinate their event schedules so you can take in more than one. Waterbury’s parade was Saturday, June 30th, and, while herself and I arrived in plenty of time for the official start of the parade, that was *far* too late to jockey for a great viewing spot as folks had been camping up and down Main Street for hours. I tell ya… they love a parade. 😉

When — with a bang! — the 3rd Regiment Vermont Volunteer Infantry arrived on the scene, I dove in front of the crowds to catch some candid shots between volleys.

At Parade Rest

Vermont Civil War Hemlocks — click photo above to view the series.

Through the filter of the lens — with the parade crowds out of view, and the smell of black powder still hanging in the air — this group of reenactors make quite the striking portrait… and a poignant reminder that we’ve got still more men (and women) in harm’s way. Let’s get ’em home safe.

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