Your blog posts are insightful. I will take them into deep thought and consideration. Your point of view is very smart and intellectual.

Oh, goodness. I feel validated. Uplifted. Warm and fuzzy. I… Gosh, I… I wonder. Why are you linking to a web site promoting a diet aid in your comment?

Oh, you spammers are a smarmy lot.

I don’t agree with you in 100%, but you covered some good points regarding this topic…

Sometimes the complements are something less than a shower of rose-petals. A bit left-handed, even… but sincere, surely?

I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks.

You’re welcome.

Others, still… well, they leave me wondering if I haven’t quite found the right note, just yet. Maybe my blog could be better. Maybe f I spruced up around the place I could win more hearts and minds.

Perseverance usually pays off, keep it up….

Or maybe just a better class of spammer.

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