Coffee Geneology — A Varietal Family Tree

Coffee Geneology — A Varietal Family Tree

Coffee Tree…and Typica begat Bourbon; and Bourbon begat Caturra; and Caturra begat Catui and Villa Sarchi (which should not be confused with Saatchi & Saatchi.) And it was good. Well, much of it, anyway.

No, it’s not yet another lost book of the Bible. It’s James Hoffman’s budding effort to map coffee’s family tree. Have a look and see if you can figure out where your cup comes from.1

Notes and Links

  1. And yes, I worked every bit as hard as you might imagine to *not* use the phrase, “Who’s yo daddy?” in this piece.


  1. Coffee and Conservation - More on botanical varieties... I have updated my post covering botanical varieties of coffee with a link to James Hoffman's family …

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