• The snarkiness begins. Canadian papers are having pseudo-hysterics over the per cup retail price of Panama Cup of Excellence Extraordinaire, Hacienda La Esmeralda. Red Coffee Cup

    Starting this morning, coffee drinkers in Vancouver will be able to sip some seriously expensive brew.

    At a staggering $15 per 8-oz cup ($135 per half pound in bean form), the Panama-grown, 100-per-cent geisha varietal bean is the most expensive coffee ever to hit lips in this coffee-crazy city.

    ‘Course it’s all offered with a wink and a nod, and the folk at Caffe Artigiano are surely giggling all the way to the bank with the free press. Me, I’m in for a cup, if only I could get one delivered.

  • Brilliant! A UK teen was hospitalized after downing seven double espressos at her family’s sandwhich shop. Quoth the victim of her own excess:

    “My nerves were all over the place. I was drenched. I was burning up and hyperventilating. I was having palpitations, my heart was beating so fast and I thought I was going into shock.

    “I did not realise this could happen to you and I only hope other people learn from my mistake.”

    To be fair, I’ve had my own brush with espresso-fueled hyper-caffeination. In fact, just last week I’d commented on it on a post at Scazi’s Whatever:

    A few years back I spent an enjoyable Saturday in Chicago working with an eclectic mix of coffee pros and talented amateurs. The object of our attention: create a world-class espresso blend.

    Blending coffee for espresso is tricky; there’s a *lot* of trial and error, and lots and lots of tasting. We began ’round 9am, and finished around 4pm, ’cause — despite merely *tasting*, and not downing every lovin’ espresso that crossed our paths — most of us just couldn’t do it any more. My own palate was blown out, and I was literally *thrumming* like high voltage line.

    I should perhaps note that the result of that weekend’s exercise was the Intelligentsia elixir called Black Cat Espresso.

  • I had no idea. Apparently Dunkin Donuts is the leading coffee retailer in the United Arab Emirates.

    “Dunkin’ Donuts, the UAE’s leading coffee & baked goods chain, has recently introduced a new iced drink that packs all the flavour of its renowned regular hot coffee, but at a chilled temperature that promises to help take the heat out of the summer.

    “Dunkin’ Donuts opened their first outlet in Dubai in 1997 and celebrated ten years of business across the UAE last month. The company has enjoyed phenomenal success within the emirates and now boasts over 40 outlets, with a target of 50 to be reached by the beginning of the New Year.”

    Waitasec. You’ve been in Dubai for 10 years and just now figured out that iced coffee might be a good idea?

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