• I resolve to stop collecting coffee memorabilia. ‘Cause the repercussions are daunting

    Barbara and Lowell Shindler’s coffee cup runneth over. Coffee SignThe couple, who have a coffee-distributing business, have turned the basement of their Roslyn home into something of a coffee museum that’s filled to the brim with java-related items: antique bins, clocks, artwork, shoehorns and more than 2,500 pre-1960 coffee cans adorned with everything from a picture of Benjamin Franklin to jungle animals, all arranged alphabetically on shelves.


  • Excuse me… but is your cup glowing? A spiffy temperature sensitive addition to a plain ‘ol plastic lid may make your to-go cup a little bit safer.

    The lid looks like a regular plastic lid, like the ones placed on top of to-go cups at the coffee shop. It’s normally dark brown. But if the coffee or tea inside is hot, the top portion turns bright red. The red will fade to brown as the beverage cools down, so people who’ve used the lid a couple of times will presumably learn Hotlips Houlihanwhat stage of coloration indicates their preferred temperature.

    And so the unstoppable engine of technology has made hot lips history. Sorry Margaret.

  • This just in! If I see just one more “wacky news” feature about Kopi Lewak I think I’m going to go cat shit insane. (Though I have to admit, the civet lolcat is kinda cute.)
  • Finally, if you thought that cold-brewed coffee required fussy gadgets, well… think again.1
  1. Tip o’ the hat to SlashFood. []

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