It’s the kind of thing you can almost set your watch by. No, not Old Faithful… but the slow-news-day, non-story that laments how much we’re spending on our (thrice) daily fix of caffeine, courtesy the corner coffee shop. This time out its ABC’s Chicago affiliate taking a whack with Coffee Crazed, a hard-hitting piece that dares to uncover… how much we’re really spending for our caffeine addiction.

Elizabeth Grandberry works in the Loop and visits her Starbucks about five times a week, spending anywhere from $3 to $5 each time.

“It used to be unheard of to spend more than a dollar for coffee,” said Grandberry.

It used to be unheard of to spend more than a nickel for a candy bar (back in the days when we could eat them without guilt) or thirteen cents for a postage stamp. It was similarly unheard of to spend thirty-nine cents on a loaf of bread, or a buck a gallon for gas. Surely, ABC, you can do better than this? Don’t you have, like, a financial expert that could put this all in perspective? Oh, why yes. Yes, you do…

Financial experts say that money spent on multiple coffee runs could turn into a small investment.

“Say you’re spending $4 a day every workday, that’s $80 a month times 12 months a year. That’s almost $1,000 a year,” said Christine Benz, Morningstar.

Why… that’d buy a couple pair of shoes for well-heeled Chicagoans. Maybe three if they’re on sale!

Really, if we’re going to talk about the opportunity cost of our caffeine fix, why don’t we think big? What could you *really* get for your coffee dollar, if you knew how to spend it?

For the price of a cup of coffee, maybe you could discover how to live for 300 years. You could mitigate mercury pollution. Or even achieve enlightenment.

What silly, caffeinated, people we are.

P.S. For a more sobering view (i.e. one that asks questions that matter) see, What’s the Hidden Cost of a £2 Latte?

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