I’ve known Jeff Taylor for nearly half a dozen years. Jeff’s a coffee guy through and through. He’s a heck of a barista, an international WBC judge, and a talented coffee roaster… which he puts to good use as co-owner of PT’s Coffee in Topeka, Kansas. PT’s had a coffee shop up the street from me a ways when I was in Overland Park, Kansas… I understand they now have another only a block or two from my old place. (Clearly, one or the other of us needs to work on timing.)

Many moons ago Jeff was kind enough to send along a number of his coffees for me to sample. I enjoyed them each and all, but never quite got around to writing about them. (Okay… so it’s now clear that *I’m* the one who needs to work on his timing.) I figure that was something less than fair of me, so a number of weeks back I ordered some coffee to see what he’s roasting these days, with the intent of writing about *this* batch of beans. I’m glad I did. I enjoyed *this* round each and all, too, but one coffee in particular stands out…

PT’s Kenya AA Kieni Auction Lot is a sweetly perfumed cup, with jasmine-like hues of coffee flower, and… are those violets in its fragrance? Wetted, much of the florals remain, joined by a lower note that I read as amber and a new top-note of citrus. In the cup I find ripe, red grapefruit (seems I nearly always do with better coffees from Kenya’s Nyeri district) as well as flavors of green apple that are by turns sweet and tart. There’s lots of movement — surprising body, actually for a Kenya. The finish is long and sweet and leaves a bit of sweet cherry on the tongue.

This is an exceptionally clean cup. What’s more, it’s a cup that, unlike a great many Kenyan coffees — most all that I’ve tasted, in fact — doesn’t really flex its muscles at you. There’s none of the musky note that’s typical to origin. It’s not broad-shouldered at all… it’s all curves. It’s a Kenyan coffee in touch with its feminine side. And I like it.

Recommended, and available now, at PT’s Coffee.


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