Ever thought about what it *really* takes to get coffee from seed to cup? What life is like in a coffee-growing community? There’s really only one way to learn… make a trip to origin!

Coffee Kids — by any measure, a terrific non-profit group that does great work in coffee growing lands — is hosting a trip to coffee communities in Costa Rica in November…

Coffee Kids and JavaVentures will host a fun and informative tour in the coffee lands of Costa Rica, Nov. 6-11. This five-day tour will focus on coffee communities and a student scholarship project supported by The Rural Children’s Education Foundation (FHC) and sponsored by Coffee Kids. Deadline for registration is Saturday, Sept. 15.

On this trip participants will have the opportunity to learn how coffee and grassroots community development serve as critical elements to providing families and communities a higher quality of life and hope for the future.

The cost of the trip is $1,295… the benefits — priceless. For a complete trip itinerary and more information, visit www.javaventures.com or www.coffeekids.org or call 415-595-2924.

I have to warn you… a trip like this will forever alter how you look at your cup… and how you look at the world.

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