While I’m a fan of most things seasonal, I’m not a fan of all seasonal beers. Spring offers too-sweet Maibocks. Summer brings out pale and pallid pilseners and Hefeweizen and their ilk. Autumn though… well that’s another story.Cambridge Brewing Company Great Pumpkin Ale

Give me the hale and hearty ales of autumn. Wait! Make it a pumpkin ale. Cambridge Brewing Company’s Great Pumpkin Ale is a fine one, but me, I’m a fan of this year’s offering from Smuttynose.

Want to make your own?

Receipt for Pompion Ale

Let the Pompion be beaten in a Trough and pressed as Apples. The expressed Juice is to be boiled in a Copper a considerable Time and carefully skimmed that there may be no Remains of the fibrous Part of the Pulp.

After that Intention is answered let the Liquor be hopped, culled, fermented & casked as Malt Beer.

Papers of the American Philosophical Society, February, 1771

Better still, make it an ale brewed in a pumpkin! More, at MeFi.

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