Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


Best wishes to one and all for a warm and happy holiday season.

I had thought that — much like that ol’ tradition of Thanksgiving dinners past — I should make a list of all those things that I’m thankful for. And so I started that list. In the end it’s grown so long as to be unseemly… and posting it would seem altogether arrogant, and maybe a poke in the eye to anybody who’s not been so fortunate as me.

Suffice it to say, I am a profoundly lucky and grateful individual. And what I wish for you, really, is that the list of things for which *you* are grateful is so long as to startle you, too.


  1. Hello,
    I came across this post from an archived message board on ask.metafilter.com regarding whether or not to brine a butterball turkey. I have purchased a butterball turkey and want to brine it, I know this was several years ago but I was wondering if you remember the bringing method you used, or possibly how much salt and water used.

    Thank You in advanced


  2. Wondering the same thing too about brine and Butterball

  3. Sara, Rob:

    I’ve used Alton Brown’s brine recipe and methods since I first saw the Thanksgiving Good Eats episode lo those many years ago.

    I’ve brined Butterballs and other “already-juiced-up” birds with equal effect. You may back off on the salt a little bit — I don’t.


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