Over the summer (when it was warm and there was no snow on the ground… did I mention it’s snowing in Vermont today? Already? Again?) filmmaker Amy Ferraris dropped by to comment on a post (Where Are the Great Good Places?) and suggested a few places *she’d* found to be both great and good in the course of making her latest documentary, The Perfect Cappuccino.

The Perfect CappuccinoNow dangling a film title like that in front of a professed cappuccino hound like me is much akin to teasing a RenFest junkie with a frozen turkey leg — amusing, to be sure, but slightly sadistic. At the time she pledged that a movie trailer would be available soon… and the rest was silence.

Fast-forward to today… when I learned that the trailer has been out for two months, thus dashing my hopes that Bloggle had become the clearinghouse of all things coffee. (Hah!)

Nonetheless, I like what I see. Amy’s style is quirky, her writing sardonic; clearly she’s getting behind the counter and talking to folk both interesting and authoritative in the specialty coffee trade. I look forward to be able to screen it. Soon. (Hint, wink, nudge… saynomore, guv.)

P.S. Amy has a blog, too, which she updates far too infrequently. Not that I’m one to hold that against anybody.

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