Today is VOTR day. To those of you who haven’t been paying attention to United States presidential politics — whether because you’re a non US citizen1 or because you have your head buried in the sand — today is a remarkable day, and for a number of reasons.

Today the states of Vermont, Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island cast their votes in the presidential primaries (hence, VOTR, and yes; I’m inordinately chuffed that Vermont is listed first, if only for the purpose of a syncopic acronym.) In most presidential election years, this wouldn’t mean much; the race is usually decided long before Vermont’s very few delegates come into play.

But this isn’t any old race. It’s an historic event.

It’s quite likely that the outcome of this race will decide whether the oval office is inhabited by somebody — anybody — other than still another graying, white man. Unless, of course, something terribly unlikely occurs and John McCain is elected, presumably for the sole purpose of perpetuating the graying-white-man winning streak, as it seems he has little else to offer.

Even in that unlikely event, the outcome of this year’s presidential election is certain to have one result progressive-thinking folk can all get behind: the election of an individual whom the neoconservatives despise; an individual who may single-handedly cause the denizens of the hate-radio right to silence themselves, if only to keep from drowning in their collective froth and spume.

It truly is the dawning of a new day in America.

  1. Bloggle has a substantial body of international readers… most of them fellow coffee hounds. []

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