Apparently Howard Schultz is in a buying mood. Close on the heels of Starbucks’ buyout of Coffee Equipment Company, maker of the Clover single-cup coffee brewer, the Seattle coffee giant announced its next step in coffee roasting technology and its next acquisition, also a Pacific Northwest technology venture: the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Ranier, Oregon.

“This baby’s hot,” says Schultz with characteristic zeal, “and it’s going to help us differentiate Starbucks from everyone else that is attempting to be in the coffee business.” Howard Schultz paces the length of the counter at the Starbucks coffee house at Seattle’s Starbucks Support Center. Clearly, he’s catching his stride.
“We’re talking zero carbon footprint, roasts coffee quicker than one of our espresso pours, and –wow!– can it spread that great coffee aroma!” Howard pauses; he looks momentarily soulful. “We want to have the courage to do the things that support our core purpose, our reason for being. This is all about our core.”
“And besides,” adds Schultz, “who else has a nuke?”

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