It’s Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania. Punxsutawney Hill has climbed atop her dais and proclaimed to have seen a shadow of a chance of pulling this thing off.

What it means, of course, is that we’re now faced with another two weeks (at least) of discontented, wintry discourse; another fortnight of kitchen-sink strategies and maneuvering, political calculus and triangulation made all the more amazing given the campaign’s utter inability to grok the very simple math of delegates and popular vote.

I predict:

  • Two more weeks (at least) of pundits proclaiming that, “It ain’t over, yet!” in a desperate bid to make the race appear closer than it really is, which is no closer than it’s been since the Potomac Polls.
  • Two more weeks (at least) of commander in chief thresholds, padded resumes and mud-slinging.
  • Two more weeks (at least) and untold millions of dollars spent on primaries that are utterly meaningless, but utterly necessary (we’re told) lest someone, somewhere, feel disenfranchised.

This is exhausting, even for a politics junkie.

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