MoveOn has focused some of the grassroots energy behind the Obama campaign with it’s ObamaIn30Seconds video contest. The premise is simple: submit what you’d like to see in ad about Obama’s “new kind of politics.” Be positive. Be upbeat.

From what I’ve seen, the results run the gamut from really, really good to — frankly — astonishing. I’ve linked my favorite here, not just because it’s a great message, but because it’s a bit of a dip in the pond of my own childhood memories. Oh, and it also features the Dodo’s on the soundtrack.

So, what’s up with the politics posts? Ahhh… I just can’t help myself. I’m not gonna spin Bloggle into a full-on politics site, but I am going to add Politics as a category (thus allowing you to avoid it altogether if you so choose.)

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