I’ve two new blogs to add to the short list of links I keep over — thataway. [Imagine a disembodied hand waving toward the rightmost column of the page you’re looking at. Thank-you.]

The first of these — Daniel’s Coffee Blog — by Daniel Humphries, another Seattle-born coffee guy, who for some reason chose NYC over Vermont when he got restless leg syndrome (the old-fashioned kind… not the “malady” they try to sell you drugs for on the nightly news). On occasion I’d drop by Daniel’s LiveJournal pages to find amazing things like this photo collection from a trip to Ethiopia. Here’s hoping he finds lots of inspiration with his new digs.

The second is another blog on writing — Ecstatic Days — by fantasy author Jeff Vandermeer. I have at least one of Jeff’s books in my reading pile [Shriek, if you must know] and, while I haven’t yet opportunity to get beyond the first few pages, I expect good things. All the more so after following a link to this post — Evil Monkey’s Guide to Kosher Imaginary Animals — by way of Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s Making Light.

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