It would seem that for the last eight years I’ve been going about this blogging thing all wrong. Let me ‘splain.

I’m putting together a blog project for a new-sprung group of budding bloggers — folks who, for the most part have never blogged before, in many cases aren’t familiar with blogs. I thought it’d be helpful to gather some of the collected wisdom on the state-of-the-art of blogging, and in so doing found more material than I’d realized existed on blogging for fun and profit. Mostly for profit.

I’d known there were folks who make a living by way of their blogs and the resulting ad revenue. I hadn’t imagined just how *many* of those folks there are now… nor had I imagined how many exist for the singular purpose of extoling the virtues of, and methods for, making money by blogging. I guess it’s a new millennial variant on the late-night infomercials of yore: “You, too, can make money without hardly tryin’!”

A sampling of the tenor of these modern-day Guthy Renker wannabees:

  • 43 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid (I guess they couldn’t manage another seven)
  • 30 Traffic Generation Tips
  • 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website (sic)
  • How to Write Your ‘About Me’ Page
  • Double Your Website (sic, again) In 30 Days

If I were to apply the very bestest, most oft-offered advice, I should: focus on a single niche, differentiate my blog from all others, do interviews, write really good titles, offer free stuff, be opinionated and — apparently — write a dozen different blogs, each on a different subject. Oh, and post every day. Preferably many times.

Funny thing is, there’s actually some really good advice hidden in there… especially for someone who has no intent of becoming a professional blogger, or a professional huckster of blogs. And I’ll get to work on that ‘About Me’ page presently.

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