You can send out the press releases. You can stage million dollar opening-day events and sampling programs. Still, some folks just won’t get it right…

  • The modern chain is “going back to its roots” and launching a house coffee called Pike Place Blend.
  • Yesterday marked the company’s coast-to-coast free tasting, but I got a taste of Pike Place today.
  • Pike’s Place was blended to have a smoother, cleaner finish than Starbucks’ other blends.
  • Starbuck’s new Pike’s Place roast drips out early in Gold Coast.
  • On Tuesday, April 8th Starbucks launched its newest brew, “Pikes Peak Roast…”

For the record Starbucks’ new blend is called, Pike Place Roast™.

P.S. I really don’t intend to turn this space into yet another Starbucks-watching venue, but — much like a seventy car pile-up on the freeway — it’s just hard to tear your eyes away.

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