In which I take one for the team. Ya know… for the the environment.

Back in the 80s (remember the 80s?) I used to scoot around town on a Honda Elite 250. Why? Well… ’cause it was easy on the pocketbook and got me where I wanted to go.

Old and New

Fast forward 20 years and I’m scootin’ again. Why? Same reasons, really. Sure, it’s environmentally friendly. But honestly, that’s a bonus. (A good bonus, mind you.) At 60-70 miles a gallon, I’m digging the fact that it costs me less then 15 bucks to fill-up.

And the bit about it being a hoot to ride… well, that’s got nothing to do with it. Nope. Nothing at all.


Scootin’ Old Style

Scootering has a history in the Cadmus clan. That’s my dad on the right, my uncle George on the left.

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