So… one debate down and right now — right this very moment — hundreds of thousands of folk are furiously typing millions of words on why their guy won. Me, I’d just like to make a single observation of one thing that struck me as extremely telling.

Throughout the debate, John McCain went to extraordinary measures to *not* look at Barack Obama. I suspect this was a self-prescribed anger-management tactic… I think McCain has no love for Obama at all.

At the same time, however — and I suspect that maybe only improv actors and primatologists would recognize this — in so doing McCain gave away *all* of his status to Obama. By not meeting Obama’s gaze he elevated Obama above himself… which isn’t really what you’re going after when you’re trying to sell yourself as the uber Commander in Chief.

I think that — maybe more than anything that was actually said this evening — is going to show up in post-debate polling.

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