Despite my recent obsession with politics (I admit it… I’m pretty thoroughly tangled in the 2008 presidential race) I haven’t lost my bearings on the world of our favorite bean. Or, at least I hope I haven’t. Let’s get right to what’s happening in the caffeinated world of coffee.

While I wasn’t looking, the folk at Barismo — you know, the guys who authored the excruciatingly detailed primer of brewing with a coffee syphon — have made some of the spiffy sounding coffee they’ve been sourcing and roasting available for purchase online. Good on them!

I’ll probably get me some to try, especially as I see  they’re offering the honey-process coffee (a.k.a. pulped natural, or miel coffee) from Costa Rica’s tiny Los Lohas farm. I’ve rarely met a pulped natural coffee that I didn’t like… and I know I like this one, as we’re also offering it as a Special Reserve bean at Green Mountain Coffee. I simply can’t pass up the opportunity to see how our roasts compare.

Current World Barista champ Stephen Morrissey and immediate past champion James Hoffman and friends (like SCAE world tasting champ Anette Moldvaer!) have got their Square Mile Coffee Roasters venture under way in London, and are shipping coffee worldwide. A quartet of Square Mile coffees arrived on my doorstep in Vermont in the last week, and the tasting is about to commence. Not to hype things up or anything, but my expectations are HUGE. 😉 More on that in a day or two…

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