I like pie. I do.

I like pie as much as the next guy. Probably more. Matter of fact, my birthday cake today was not cake at all. It was pie. Pumpkin pie. It’s the season, after all. On a scale of one to, well… pi1, I think I like pumpkin the best.

Much as I like pie, I think this guy might like pie still more. Anybody likes pie this much, well… he’s got my vote. And of you think that’s a silly reason to vote for somebody, well then, you should hear some of the *amazing* stories folks have thunk up to vote against him.

I mean… wow.

Meanwhile, have some pie.

And if you’re really wondering just what in the world Barack Obama is getting at… well try this link.

  1. Get it? It’s a math joke… all it needs is some more funny. []

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