This started out as a lengthy post. But honestly, I bet you’ve heard every argument for — and against — both presidential candidates, and every other candidate down-ticket by now. And if you’re in possession of a spinal column I’d feel pretty certain you’ve come to one conclusion or another.1

Whatever your conclusion — and whomever your candidate — please exercise the rights that were won for us all.



I voted today.

No line to speak of in Williston, Vermont, ‘cept for a flock of white-headed old-timers getting chatted up by some of the local candidates over their thermoses of coffee (white, two sugars.)

No silly electronics to trip up the unwary, either… just fill in the oval with the felt-tip pen and drop your card in the tabulator. Sure, somebody could rewire the tabulator and make it count electric blue sheep instead, but there’s still all those cards with ovals on them… so no worries.

Oh, and on the way out, make a selection from the vast array of baked goods made fresh by your neighbors.

Ah, Vermont.

  1. If you’re an invertebrate, not only should you not be reading this post you probably shouldn’t be reading, period. Unless of course you’re a creature from outer space, in which case, you’re not eligible to vote in the U.S. elections. Sorry. []

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