Firstly, to all who’ve kindly expressed their well-wishes about Jessie, online and offline and in real space, thank-you. And while, yes, I *did* consider (for about 0.002 seconds) writing an, “All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From My Dog” styled memoir, no… I don’t think so. Besides, somebody already wrote Marley & Me, and How to Live with a Neurotic Dog so what more do you need?

Meanwhile, on with the show.

Mother’s Day has just slipped by, and it appears that Amazon and ProFlowers aren’t keeping promises… the lovely flowers pictured here have *not* arrived. So Mom: here’s what you were *supposed* to have had delivered over the week-end. Sorry ’bout that.

Finished Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book over the weekend. The guy does good stories, through and through. Didn’t read so much like Kipling as I’d been led to believe, but that’s just fine. Not so macabre, either; but emotionally, very honest and true, which, I suspect, is why it won the Newbery Medal. (Note to self: punctuation, much?)

My to-do list is taking an ugly turn. Where normally it would have a bunch of simple tasks to be done and scratched off, now it has entries that read, “Convince you-know-who to do whatsit *this way* and not that way,” and “Arm-twist so-and-so to agree to thus-and-such.” Oh, here’s a simple one: “Create canonical list of origin attributes.” Yeah. And it’s all in need of clearing before I can fly away to vacation-land in June.

On the plus side, it’s warm enough to roast coffee in the garage, again… and I think I will.

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