Have I mentioned that I’ve been stupid busy lately?

I was certain I had, but… you know. Memory. Goldfish. Mad Cow. Mooooo. Regardless, I haven’t yet forgotten I’m supposed to be writing something here from time to time.

Let’s see… my last post was written while still at sea, making for Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Made it. Got the pictures to prove it, at least some of which you can find on Flickr, and more of which I have still to sort through, as I’m still in the habit of taking several dozen photos for every one that I might want to keep. On this trip I averaged more than 1100 photos a day.

(I was an English major, you do the math.)

Alaska was one stunning vista after another, interspersed with too, too touristy ports of call and some of the most lovely sunny, warm days I’ve experienced this year. After telling folks for weeks that I was leaving for Alaska to escape Vermont’s chilly spring weather, nobody was more surprised than me (and maybe several thousand sun-burned Alaskans) to discover that was true.

All in all, I think the tribe of extended family and friends enjoyed themselves, and Mom & Dad well and truly were moved by our celebration of their 50 years together. And if they try to deny it, we’ve got video to prove it.

Meanwhile…  more recently I’ve:

  • Made an offer on the quintessential Vermont homestead, which the seller subsequently withdrew from the market. Our string of real estate misadventures continues unabated.
  • Upped the fitness routine to 60-90 minutes, most every day. I’ve lost only 5 pounds, but I can now bend iron bars with my thighs.
  • Got a Palm Pre, which makes me feel more cool than I have any right to be. I’m enamored of this gesturing thing and dearly wish I could make the rest of the world respond like my Pre.

None of these is remotely like a viable excuse for not writing, so I guess I’d better get back to it… and perhaps with something substantive, besides.

Watch this space. 🙂

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