I’ve written at length of the various apparent healthful effects of coffee, which remains one of the most studied stuffs the world over. I’ve noted before:

Like so many of the beverages we enjoy today, coffee was once prescribed as a tonic for what ails you… and provided that what ails you is a lack of alertness or a sour mood, it’s good on its promise. Let’s leave patent medicines and snake-oil salesmen aside for the moment, though, and ask: is coffee good for you?

The answer is yes!

Coffee has been a frequent subject of scrutiny by the medical community… perhaps because it’s so widely consumed, yet offers no apparent nutritive value. Or, maybe doctors are just looking for a really good cup of coffee.

Studies continue apace, and likewise the remarkable findings… the latest, that caffeine may be an effective agent in preventing skin cancer. I’m not going to set aside my sun-screen just yet, but as io9 notes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a caffeinated version any time now.

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