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Tasting: Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu


I’ve been enjoying immensely the coffee I roasted late Thursday evening — a Costa Rican from the West Vallet region — Cafetalera Herbazu.1

This is a plenty bright cup (which I learned the *first* time I roasted it). Its fragrance is rich and honeyed, with toasty, savory notes that just really ring my bell. It’s that lovely, very intense, salted caramel sort of fragrance that I used to associate with great Indonesian lots years ago before they all started to taste like mulch and wood moss. (But I digress.) The honey carries over sweetly into the brewed cup’s aroma, where a bit of sour orange makes an appearance, as well. The sweet and tart flavors dance a tango here; the lively citrus zing and honeyed sweetness play off each other all throughout, and even intensify with the cooling cup.

While I appreciate the zest and zing of this bean at a lighter roast, I’m really enjoying the warmer tones and rounder body of this Full City number. Clean, sweet, bright and finishes well… this is a superbly slurpable coffee.

Notes and Links

  1. Sourced from Sweet Maria’s, who note that this is a Villa Sachi cultivar, from a Bourbon varietal.

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