I am feverishly working on a dramatic facelift for Bloggle. Actually, facelift doesn’t adequately cover things… there’s all the stuff under the covers, too: a huge leap forward in terms of getting caught up with WordPress and PHP and MySQL, all of which have been zooming right along while I’ve been snoozing. The universe that is the web is still expanding. Accelerating, too.

There’s been a really awesome shift in the code you’re beginning to see more commonly in your browser these days — HTML5, CSS3 — and even more, there’s a shift in how those bits are being put together. A great deal of this has to do with a movement — Responsive Design — unleashed by Ethan Marcotte in A List Apart last May, and which he’s subsequently followed up with a book of the same name (which you cannot order from Amazon.) I’ll have more to say about Responsive Design as we go forward, ’cause I think there’s some important principles at play, and not a moment too soon.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the beginning of the web as you know it…  and the beginning of the end of Bloggle as you know it, too.

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