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Today’s Favorite Thing: Cuissential’s SlickDrip


Today’s favorite thing is the SlickDrip, a spiffy, silicone, collapsable coffee dripper from Cuissential.1 This dripper does what your typical plastic or ceramic pour-over cone should do — namely, hold a #2 cone paper filter while you brew coffee with it — but this one collapses into a disk about an inch deep when you’re not using it to brew your precious, needful cup.

The Slick-Drip. Image links to Amazon.

I’d argue the key to a collapsable anything is that it collapses when you *want* it to, and not when you don’t. On that front, it seems to me the construction of this little dripper is pretty well suited to task… and in use the coffee grounds themselves further lend stability to the cone. More, its silicone construction means it’s hugely flexible (my read, packable, but you can simply consider it bouncy if you like) dishwasher safe, and unlikely to take on stale coffee flavors.

Time will tell. Meanwhile, it’s earned a spot in my coffee travel bag. Now if I could find a collapsable grinder…

Notes and Links

  1. Nope, I’d never heard of them, either. It would appear they’re a new kitchen products design company. And they have fully embraced the social commerce thing, hence the Facebook link.

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