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Bloggled: Sportsmanship in Texas, A Very Bitter Pill, and Hedgehogs


  • A high-school basketball game features a twist of sportsmanship that makes it the feel-good story of the week. (Reported by CBS’ Steve Hartman, who now has totally inherited the legacy of the late, great Charles Kuralt.)
  • Steven Brill’s Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us is Time Magazine’s ┬ácover story and this week’s must-read:

    “What are the reasons, good or bad, that cancer means a half-million- or million-dollar tab? Why should a trip to the emergency room for chest pains that turn out to be indigestion bring a bill that can exceed the cost of a semester of college? What makes a single dose of even the most wonderful wonder drug cost thousands of dollars? Why does simple lab work done during a few days in a hospital cost more than a car? And what is so different about the medical ecosystem that causes technology advances to drive bills up instead of down?”

    Why, indeed.

  • And, because the medical billing story is almost certain to raise your blood pressure, here’s 15 Hedgehogs With Things That Look Like Hedgehogs as therapy.

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