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Richard III, Confirmed

Remains of the Day: Lost 500 Years, the Bones of Richard III Have a Tale to Tell


In a stunning bit of archeological detective work, folk from the University of Leicester have identified the remains of English King Richard III in a long lost and “clumsily cut” grave excavated from a parking lot.

Lead archaeologist Richard Buckley, from the University of Leicester, told a press conference to applause: “Beyond reasonable doubt it’s Richard.”

Richard III is both a fascinating and polarizing historical figure. Popular understanding of him today (or, what passes for it) is unfairly influenced by Shakespeare’s casting of Richard III as a fatalistic and unscrupled anti-hero, which makes sense as — given his Tudor patrons — ol’ Will’em Shakes wasn’t likely to paint a sympathetic portrait of the house of York, now was he? Still, even his more ardent and clear-eyed supporters might admit… Richard was just a little bit ruthless.

In any case, awesome timing for the find. Big win for science. And Game of Thrones enthusiasts everywhere might tune in for the stories of the *real* scheming, backstabbing, child-murdering genesis of George R.R. Martin’s royal family.

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