Uganda Bugisu A, Mbale, 2001 Crop

Rating: [rating:3.5/5] If Kenya is the elder statesman of East African coffees, Uganda is the uncle that nobody talks about. You know the guy… he got in some trouble a few years back, he’s got a history of hanging around with the wrong crowd… and if...

A Tarrazu Triple Play

I am — nearly every day — amazed by coffee. By its infinite variety, its complexity, its capability to surprise and delight… and all this within just a single growing region of the world, the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. There is a story to be told...

Smithfarms Kona Peaberry, 2001 Crop

Rating: [rating:4/5] It’s a pretty rare thing today when a coffee consumer has the opportunity to communicate with, much less buy from, the coffee farmer. Hawaiian coffees provide a delightful exception, and few, perhaps, are more delightful [coffees and...

Papua New Guinea, Mile High Plantation, 00-01 Crop

What do you get if you blend the earthy body of a Sumatran with the mellow-sweet aroma of a Central American and the zippy briskness of a Kenya AA? Actually, you’d probably get the essentials of quite a lot of house blends. But you may be surprised to learn that you can find all of these characteristics in a single bean… a coffee from Papua New Guinea.

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