“There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.”
—KEN OLSEN, CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation


“There is no reason that anyone will need to do that on mobile.”

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It’s (Still) Not About the Technology

It’s (Still) Not About the Technology

With 100,000 subscribers, The New Yorker is enjoying better sales on the iPad than its sister Condé Nast publications — including Wired Magazine.

But wait… Wired is all about technology — and in particular all things digital — and the iPad is a digital platform. Shouldn’t they go together like peaches and cream? Pizza and beer? Like Wired Magazine and a freaking 21st century wireless multimedia tablet display? Well, yeah.

Groupthink by Any Other Name

Groupthink by Any Other Name

I’ll admit it: the usability geek in me is smitten with the coolest doodad of the political season, CNN’s live dial-testing of a focus group during the debates. There it is in real-time — the collective response of a group of undecided and presumably...
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