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  Coffee: Articles: The Essentials of Brewing Great Coffee

To Sum Up
You may have decided by now that the coffee brewer that most of us has at home - an auto-drip brewer - simply isn't up to the task of making really good coffee. You're probably right. Only one home auto-drip model that I'm aware of - the Bunn Pour-o-matic - comes close to meeting the demands of our formula for great coffee... and even it is not without its problems.
     Other brewing methods - manual drip brew with a cone filter or a Chemex pot, the French press, and vacuum pot - have the advantage, as each in its own way offers you more control over essential parts of the brewing process - in particular temperature, time and turbulence. 
     In the coming weeks our series will examine each of these brewing methods in turn. Next week we'll look at the cafetiére, or French press. 

Related Information
There's a world of literature on coffee and brewing. The best of the online world can be found in our Online Reading section [just to the left]. For offline reading, I highly recommend these books by Ken Davids and Kevin Knox...

buy this book at amazon and support bloggle    buy this book at Amazon and support bloggle

Now in its 4th edition, Ken Davids' 1976 standard is *still* a great basic reference. Be sure, too, to read Ken's cupping reviews at Coffee Review

Kevin Knox is passionate about great coffee. In Coffee Basics he shares his industry experience, and takes aim at some established coffee myths.

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