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The Mystery Cup Challenge


Mystery Cup: Sample B...

Brazil Cerrado Monte Carmelo -- Natural:  Cerrado is a growing region within the state of Minas Gerais, south of the national capital, Brasilia. This coffee comes from the area around the town of Monte Carmelo, east-northeast of Uberlandia.

"Cerrado -- This region takes its name from the native vegetation of the area. It is a high plateau, 800 to 1100 meters in elevation. The climate is very uniform. Consistent rains and high day-time summer temperatures, and a dry winter-harvest season make this region ideal for producing coffee. The well defined climatic seasons and an abundance of sunshine during the harvest season permit the exquisite characteristics of the pulp to be absorbed and retained in the beans, bestowing on it a full-bodied, extraordinary drinkability. The majority of coffee produced in the Cerrado is a natural preparation (unwashed) of excellent quality." [1]

    [1]  "A New Frontier in quality," CACCER brochure (Council of Coffee growing
    Associations of the Cerrado Region).

Cupping Results

Sample B garnered perhaps the most mixed reviews off all the challenge coffees. Some -- perhaps those preferring milder coffees -- found it a favorite. Others panned it for its mild, neutral characteristics -- at least one reviewer labeled it Folgers. [Only partly in jest, I think.] Nearly all reviewers, however, were able to look past its mild flavor to find both body and acidity in the cup, and many remarked on its earthiness -- perhaps its natural processing peeking through? 

Cupping results chart

Notable remarks:

"...hint of tobacco/ash" 

"...a hint of funky mushroom in the aroma." 
--Jim Schulman

"...after a week this was one of my favorites."
--Gary Williams

"Musty like the Muskogee, OK courthouse coffee smelled in the '50s."
--Mark Gilstrap

"Peppery when cold."
--David Lewis

Mystery Cup B: click to view full sized...
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