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The Mystery Cup Challenge


Mystery Cup: Sample C...

Sumatra Mandheling Gayoland Organic Fair Trade -- Semi-Washed: Grown by the Batak Mandailing tribe in the northwestern most province of Aceh, in the highlands around Lake Tawar.  "Semi-washed" is the designation given to coffees that have had the cherry mucilage washed away from the bean, without allowing fermentation to occur.

Cupping Results

Sample C seemed familiar to many, though it was clearly not everybody's cup of, er... coffee. Many were able to place its origin as Indonesian -- a smaller number recognized it as a Sumatra. Perhaps the cupping order again played some role in confusing the matter. Maybe the prescribed roast [just  few snaps into second] doesn't really bring out the very best of this bean.

Nevertheless, while some greeted this coffee like an old friend, others were quite happy to move on to the next cup, as evidenced by the fairly flat average -- representing cupping results that were, literally, all over the map.  

Cupping results chart...

Notable remarks:

"Lovely, deep-toned coffee. Cups (and looks) like a Sumatran, semi-washed, I think." 
--Ben Alpers

"Nice aroma; dull taste." 
--Marshall Fuss

"Earthy,woody, tastes of "old book smell."
--Buck Turgidson

"...not acid enough for a vac pot."
--Margaret Marks

"...boring, slightly sweet (malty) taste."
--Jim Schulman

Mystery Cup C: click to view full sized...
Roast profile
Map of Origin Origin Map
How We Voted

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