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The Mystery Cup Challenge


Mystery Cup: Sample E...

Costa Rican Tres Rios La Magnolia -- Washed: Tres Rios is a growing region in the center of Costa Rica, sandwiched between the capital of San Jose and the city of Cartago. This region is under extreme pressure from the expansion of these cities, and speculation is that Tres Rios will disappear as a coffee origin within the next decade. [A damn shame.]

"The 'Cabernet' of Costa Rica Cafes is cultivated on shaded, well manicured plantations on the eastern outskirts of San Jose. The 'Beneficios' are among the oldest in Central America with a long tradition of producing high quality Cafe in small lots. Tres Rios Cafe has a smooth, well-balanced flavor with an intense complex aroma. Connoisseurs enjoy these cafes unblended and often order them by plantation brand." [1]

   [1] "The Authentic Taste of Cafe," Instituto del Cafe de Costa Rica (ICAFE) brochure.

Cupping Results

If Bill McAlpin's La Minita is the archetype of Tarrazu coffees, this Tres Rios La Magnolia is its country cousin. I think Aaron Holland's remarks are particularly apt: rustic. This cup provides a beefy broth of chocolate and spice -- with a lingering, earthy finish. I'm drinking some now, and I'd likely mark my own score for body upwards a notch or three.... 

Chart of cupping results...

Notable remarks:

"Sweet cocoa with hint of tobacco aroma." 
--Ed Needham

"Very nutty/chocolate." 
--Gary Williams

"...earthy, rustic."
--Aaron Holland

"...taste is mild chocolate and spice that's drowned out by smell."
--Jim Schulman

"An all-day slurper."
--Doug Cadmus

Mystery Cup E: click to view full sized...
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