With a travel week ahead I need to be well-stocked for the road… because as we know, conference hotels are constitutionally proscribed from serving palatable coffee. To the roaster!


  • In an impressive array of review and ratings carnage, Consumer Reports smacks down specialty coffee powerhouse Starbucks in favor of Walmart-brand Colombian coffee, lauds the Keurig brewer’s convenience while offering a firm “meh” on the resulting cup, and thoroughly pisses off independent coffee houses everywhere for offering them not so much as a by-your-leave. (Gloria Jean’s and Newman’s Own Organics get top spots with “Very Good” ratings.)
  • Speaking of Keurig, Boston.com has a big fat expose on the machine’s founding inventor-engineers, and the company’s prospects. (Why yes, I do have a vested interest, thanks for asking.)
  • The Atlantic is apparently urging people to air their grievances more publicly than they already do, in What People Just Don’t Understand About My Job (or, #AboutMyJob.) In this most recent edition, one barista laments, “Working for a coffee shop, an extremely popular one mind you, has made me realize that most people lack any shred of decency or common sense; all they care about is their double tall no foam latte at the end of the line.” O, sweet barista… it’s tough all over, but look at the insight you’re gaining on the human condition.

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